By Lambing

Mahilig kasi ako sa quOtes.. siguro dahil emosyonal akong tao.. so pag may na received akong mga quOtes na di ko malilimutan .. i popost ko sya dito .. =)


It is so hard to be stranded by a love story especially when you are currently feeling the near end but the story isn’t ending. Much confusing is today he loves you. Tomorrow, he doesn’t care. Tonight, you are special. The next day you are nothing.


Don’t you hate it when you cry over the things you can’t have? When you were a little girl, it was that a special toy. Now? It is that special boy.


I’ve always been hurt by the one I love. Always been loved by the person I don’t. The hard thing here is even though I tried to choose the one who loves me; still my heart belongs to the person who hurts me.


Why do tears came rushing when you are hurting so much? It is because it’s the only way how your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how things made your heart broken.


How do I say goodbye to someone I never had?
Why do my tears fall for someone who wasn’t mine?
Why is it that I miss someone I was never with?
Why do I love someone whose love cannot be mine..?


It’s easy to say goodbye but too hard to forget.


Coz love is more than words can say… once you’ve fallen

you cant help fall over and over again.

So if goodbyes have been said, there’s something in the

heart that says… ” PLEASE STAY”.


Coz its LOVE.

And the reason is unkwon. Despite the pain and the heartaches

Love will always retain….

its pride

its sweetness

its mystery…


When you’re attracted to someone it just means that your subconscious is attracted to their subconscious, subconsciously, so what we know as fate is two neuroses knowing that they’re a perfect match. ~Jeff Arch, Nora Ephron, and David S. Ward, Sleepless in Seattle

Love is when you miss him even before he’s gone,
When you could listen to him talk all night
And never get tired of hearing his voice,
When the sound of his name sends chills down your spine,
And when you see his smile the second you close your eyes!


There are things in life that you can’t hold on to forever no matter how much you fight for it. Sometimes DESTINY isn’t always good, it becomes playful…When you meet someone you learn to love, you think that it’s DESTINY who made your paths cross. But what if making your paths cross is just a part of the game DESTINY plays, making you realize in the end that the person you thought that was destined for you wasn’t really meant to stay… but only destined to make you feel loved and then leave you when you’ve already fallen…


” I’m inlove but he doesnt care… Maybe he does, but not enough… Maybe he thinks im fun and nice to be with … but not enough.. Maybe he does like me.. but not enough.. Not enough to let down his guard, take risk… And knowing that nothing is enough.. Its enough reason for me to slowly let go…. STOP not because im hurting, not because im sad and scared… But because i LOVE ………….MORE ….”


” Once you undergo a failed relationship, the pain is always left unaided, everyone thinks you move on… but you’ll later realized.. You never stopped loving them.. You just learn how to deal with it. ”


” I guess when you LOVE someone, you’ll realize that it would never be about you and how you want your relationship to be… Its about staying intact and finding ways of making things alright when life says they shoudn’t be…. Its called defying all the odds for something they call……… EVERYTHING. 🙂 ”


“Too often, the thing you want most is the one thing you can’t have. Desire leaves us heartbroken, it wears us out. Desire can wreck your life. But as tough as wanting something can be. The people who suffer the most, are those who don’t know what they want.”



  1. Hulyo 24, 2008 bandang 6:13 hapon

    agree ako sa pangalawang kowtz!
    sige aabangan ko ang mga future
    kowts na ipopost mo!


    wow ! nilubos lubos mo ang pagdalaw ha? sige.. pag may ng teks! hehhehe 🙂

  2. Hulyo 26, 2008 bandang 12:25 hapon

    galing ng quotes! nahanap ko po blog mo sa 🙂

    hi rodessa tnx for dropping… balik ka uli 🙂

  3. Setyembre 18, 2009 bandang 7:21 hapon

    kung mahal mo ang isang tao anu gagawin mpo sa kanya sasa bihin mo bah nah may gusto ka sa kanya

  4. Enero 16, 2010 bandang 6:31 hapon

    aw.. nakakatunaw naman ang quotes. hehe

  5. Marso 15, 2010 bandang 8:20 hapon

    i like all the quotes its so deep and touching more quotes plss

  6. Marso 24, 2010 bandang 6:48 umaga

    I like all, nakakarelate kasi..
    keep continue good doing and creating good quotes!!!

  7. Marso 24, 2010 bandang 11:26 hapon

    JM magcoment ka ditop ah…hahaha

  8. Abril 28, 2010 bandang 4:04 hapon

    Bakit walang wikang Pilipino?

    Bigyan kitang isa.

    “Kung sa katawan ka lamang nakatingin, baka makalimutan mo ang tunay na hangarin”

    Ewan ko lang..ahahaha

  9. 11 Alone
    Hunyo 2, 2010 bandang 5:31 hapon

    Kailangan p bang mgmahal ng isang tao, kung ang kanya namang minamahal ay may iba namang mahal?

  10. 13 peachlyn
    Hulyo 8, 2010 bandang 10:37 hapon

    hehe.. nakakarelate aq dito.. hehe

  11. Setyembre 8, 2010 bandang 7:21 hapon

    Try ko po magshare.

    We don’t look for love just because it lonely to watch movies alone…
    Because it’s sad to eat meals on our own…
    Because it’s nice to cuddle up with someone on rainy days…

    We look for love because we want to be ACCEPTED.

    For the sloppy way we dress…
    For the clumsy way we eat our meals…
    For the bad hair days and for the simplicity in us.


    That with all our imperfections, we are ACCEPTED and LOVED.

  12. Hunyo 23, 2011 bandang 5:58 umaga

    What if men have monthy periods? Would they also say. .
    Pare, may tagos ba ako?
    O kaya naman.. “pare, ayoko magbasketbol, meron ako ngayon e.”
    Eto pa . . “pare bukas na lang tayo lumakad, sakit ng puson ko.”
    At ang pinakamatindi sa lahat..
    “Tol, may extra napkin ka ba?!! yung may wings” hahahahahahahahahahahaha

  13. Agosto 4, 2011 bandang 11:53 hapon

    hello, lambing. ire ang gusto ko..

    ” Once you undergo a failed relationship, the pain is always left unaided, everyone thinks you move on… but you’ll later realized.. You never stopped loving them.. You just learn how to deal with it. “

  14. Agosto 23, 2011 bandang 2:05 hapon

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  15. Setyembre 9, 2011 bandang 10:41 umaga

    i like this page po :))

  16. Enero 5, 2012 bandang 8:08 umaga

    aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo. bow! lols!

    musta na po? 😀

  17. 22 athea ochavez
    Enero 15, 2012 bandang 2:38 hapon

    pwede ba magtanung ? .. bkit ang ibang tao hindi nagagawa o natutupad ang new year’s resolution nila ? .. tnx 🙂

  18. 23 athea ochavez
    Enero 15, 2012 bandang 2:42 hapon

    may tanung pa po ako anong magandang gawin sa valentines day with you bf/gf .. at ano rin ang pwedeng gift sa bf/gf .. tnx 🙂

  19. Abril 4, 2012 bandang 1:17 hapon

    pwede nyo ba ako lambingin please help po thanks 😦

  20. Abril 4, 2012 bandang 1:19 hapon

    eto pla ung num ko txt nlng kung cnu my gusto ako icomfort. 09063342130

  21. Abril 13, 2012 bandang 7:10 hapon

    gnda ng quotes mo, ask q lng bgyan mo qoh advice i’m 20 and my bf is older than me ng 10 years ok lng ba ung relationship na gnun, first bf q kz xah ,at mahal na mahal q xah…tnx

  22. Mayo 19, 2012 bandang 12:15 hapon

    hehe nice qouts =) dagdag kpa :p

  23. Pebrero 7, 2013 bandang 10:24 hapon

    ate dagdagan mo pa ang galing eh parang bob ong lang hehehee

  24. Hunyo 22, 2013 bandang 8:50 hapon

    omigosh.. ang ganda ng quotes mue……. i love it..

  25. Hulyo 17, 2013 bandang 4:38 hapon


    bitin ako



  26. 32 akiya
    Setyembre 25, 2013 bandang 10:26 umaga

    Its very simple. but its very romantic qoutes!
    more post, and more power… 🙂

  27. Setyembre 27, 2014 bandang 10:34 umaga

    crush kita joke lang 🙂 kunyaring joke yun pla totoo na

  28. 36 brnz aziz rubz
    Disyembre 10, 2014 bandang 9:32 hapon

    Oo naman no…ang hirap ky no.

  29. Enero 17, 2015 bandang 8:51 hapon

    Pre wala akung na getsss promis hahahaa hirap sa english eh pwde tagalog…?????

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